Korge: JVM, iOS, Linux, Windows, MacOS

Korge is a very comprehensive game engine written in Kotlin, the KorgeRenderer allows Coracle Drawings to run in a Korge project.

Note: Coracle is really very simple, while Korge is full-featured and complex. When rendering large numbers of triangles in 3D drawings there's a significant peformance hit when using the KorgeRenderer; each triangle has to be created as a Korge VectorPath and wrapped in a Korge ShapeView before drawing, that adds up to a huge amount of allocations in each iteration of the draw loop (when using Korge properly these 3D triangles would be created once, added to the scene graph, and transformed via matrix operations - far more efficient but impossible to do in Coracle while keeping the Drawings platform agnostic).

If you're targetting Android or the Web for 3D use the web or Android Coracle projects instead as they're far quicker for 3D, otherwise take the plunge and learn Korge, it's more complex than Coracle but also has proper 3D support. For 2D drawings the KorgeRenderer is however extremely fast and when targetting the JVM has the quickest compile time of all the platforms.

TL;DR: For 2D Drawings use the KorgeRenderer, don't use it for 3D.

Getting Started