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Hello Coracle Shapes and Colours


Image Loading Image Pixels Floyd Steinberg Dither


Hello Interactive Constrain Move Object


Particles, Boids, Agents - drawings that are mostly vector logic. 'Boid' is used in these examples as a class name though strictly speaking that defines specific behaviour from Craig Reynolds' Boids program. The Perlin Noise flow field section below is all Vector logic too.

Avoid Closest Falling Rain Gravity Orllewin Home Self Organising Self Organising (Variation) Tadpoles

Perlin Noise Flow Fields

A popular technique, read more: Flow Fields by Tyler Hobbs

Basic Tails Perlin Noise Flow Field Perlin Noise Flow Field + Avoid Neighbours Perlin Noise Flow Field + Avoid Neighbours + Spatial Hash Boids and Orbs Perlin Flow Line Perlin Flow Circle Tails and Orbs


3D Triangles and Projection 3D Normals, Culling, Lighting 3D Sphere Mesh (Wireframe) 3D Bad Sphere Mesh Oldschool Pseudo-3D Floating Spheres Random Lines Supershape Point Cloud Triangle Strip Sphere

Circle Packing

Standard Circle Packing Orllewin Circle Packing Self Organising Spatial Hash Spatial Hash Circles Spatial Hash Circles Reversed

Miscellaneous Experiments

RAD Image Creator RAD Image Convertor Colour Lerp Bezier Dot Matrix Oscillator Quadtree Circle Contains Parametric Circle Lissajous Dionysian Sphere CatmulRom Game of Life Growth Hexagrams Mandlebrot